Charlatans Legend Talks One Beat Records

Charlatans Legend Talks One Beat Records

Glasswerk recently caught up with legendary Charlatans Drummer Jon Brookes to talk about his exciting new record label One Beat Records. The label was set up in 2010 by Jon and business partner Ian Light with the aim of being able to kick start and develop emerging artist's careers.

Q – New label One Beat Records – So Jon exciting new project what was the drive into setting up your new label? – you set up with Ian Light how did you come to join up with Ian?

'Felt it was time a real label was set up by music lovers to represent the new music coming out of Brum – The Carpels and The Arcadian Kicks are the two bands we manage and have signed to the label. We were inspired by the amount of music being consumed by proper music heads and wanted to become a credible outlet for these new band's talents. Ian Light has a history in the city of being in the right place at the right time and has musical knowledge that runs deep plus he has an ear for a good tune.'

Q Will you be making the label a 'Midlands' only kind of label to promote good bands from the area or just generally any band that catches your eye regardless where they are from?

'We won't be regional we are here for everyone. But we had to start in our own back yard.'

QIs it solely a label or management etc as well?…..what are your aims for the label?

'We've decided to break the golden rule and try and do both management and Label…The rules have all been changed by the Internet only the brave survive!!!'

Q What do you look for when you are thinking about taking a new artist/band on?

'Have songs & will travel'.

Q The Carpels & The Arcadian Kicks are two of the bands you have signed to the new label….how did you come across them?, what made you want to get them on board?

'Both bands played our Syndicate club night we put on in Birmingham over the last few years. Even though the venue closed in January this year the legacy of Syndicate lives on with the amazing bands we had play there starting to step up – aside from The Arcadian Kicks and The Carpels we also had bands such as Poppy & the Jezebels, Tantrums, Marner Brown, The Lines, Black Market Empire and the our all time favourite Velvet Texas Cannonball who all stood out as being individual, exciting, focused and committed. By the way, if you haven't seen Velvet Texas cannonball check them out. Martin Blunt, the Charlatans bassist reckons they are the best band he's seen in the last 10 years!'

QWhat are your plans in terms of releases – do you have specific strategy in mind i.e. to release a few ep's for the band first to build them up etc or to fully focus on main album etc?

'We have to start small with free downloads and promo copies due to our limited finances. A couple of great Eps can work as well as a album in keeping people interested. We also take a keen interest in working with creative artist video makers to deliver better continuity to the bands visual out put.'

QAny other bands catching your eye at the moment/any other bands that you are working with?

'Tantrums – They've been with the same manager, Richard, since they were 15 and he has been nurturing them ever since to become the biggest and most exciting band in Birmingham at the moment by fusing indie, dub step and pop. They will be playing our One Beat Records club night at This Feeling on 9th July. Great band! Amazing live.'

QHow has your time being in a successful band help towards nurturing the bands coming through…I guess you can see it from their eyes (hopes and dreams etc)?

'All I hope is that have developed a instinct and antenna for spotting time wasters and networking wankers'

QYou bravely fought off a serious brain tumour last year – how
personally did you manage to overcome the battle…..has it impacted
in playing i.e. do you have to play less etc?

'Stronger, fitter, happier'.

QI know there were many Charlatans fans as well as wider music fans who really came out to offer support during the time – how much did that help you through?

'Immeasurable support made me believe in a higher love.'

QDo you have any plans to record any new Charlatans tracks/albums or is your main focus on the label front?

'More Charlatans music coming soon we've just turned the corner.'

QDo you still get to catch up with Tim and the rest of the band?

When we can – Martin is djing with me at This Feeling Club

QYour personal favourite charlatans album and then your favourite Charlatans track?

'The first few'

QFavourite Charlatans live gig?

'The last one'

You can check out the latest news and info about Jon & Ian's new label by visiting link.

For info on two of the current bands with One Beat please check out The Arcadian Kicks at link and The Carpels at link

Also get down to see Tantrums and The Carpels play live at mega London club night This Feeling Sat 9th July @ Queen of Hoxton. Jon will also be spinning the decks with fellow Charlatan Martin Blunt as well as The Arcadian Kicks. For more info please visit link

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