Electronic Punk Trio Teeth Talk To Glasswerk

Electronic Punk Trio Teeth Talk To Glasswerk

London's Teeth announced details of their forthcoming debut album Whatever last week. Out September 19th on Moshi Moshi Records, the first single to be taken from it – “Care Bear” – is out now, with the video available above.

Glasswerk thought it wise to catch up with them…

Hi folks.  For those who aren't enlightened – introduce yourselves to us.
We are a London based electronic punk trio, consisting of composer Ximon Tayki, vocalist Veronica So, and drummer Simon Whybray. We enrapture global audiences with jubilant, no-rave jams and hacker dance anthems.

A bit about your background – is there a time you can remember thinking “Hang on, we've got to make some music”?

You've signed to Moshi Moshi, who're widely respected in the genre.  Boring business question; how important is it for a label to share the same ethos as the band?
Moshi Moshi are great. they started as a grass roots label. Like DiY  and built it up. We like that. Stephen Moshi used to Myspace stalk us before we had even made proper songs- he is super on it.

What does the rest of 2011 hold for Teeth?
An epic album release party on the 21st September at the Lexington with specially re-forming Pens and Gross Magic. Then a headline UK tour to promote ‘WHATEVER’. Going to the USA  for CMJ. Miami Art Basel. Were thinking about moving to Puerto Rico for the winter to write and record and meet Davila666  🙂

Where can people find more information about you?

More information about Teeth can probably also be found by following this link.


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