60 Second Interview With Grooverider

60 Second Interview With Grooverider

Dance legend Grooverider has operated within the DnB niche for many years, although that's not to say he's pigeonholed himself.

Having been a forerunner in the liquid funk sound back in the day, he's since gone on to have a Radio 1 show, DJ sets around the world and a number of revered productions under his belt.

How did you get into electronic music?      
Not really sure was always into music from a very young age. Thought all music was electronic.. 
What is it you love about the sounds you play?     
One thing – the bass 
What keeps you going after so long in the game?   
New inspiring artists keep you current if your willing to accept change 
What have been the biggest evolutions you have seen in your time?   
The rise of drum and bass music from then till now 
How have you stayed relevant?      
Just always looking for the next artist … 
What are your proudest musical achievements?     
Picking up a MOBO award for my first album 'Mysteries of Funk' 
What got you most excited musically recently?     
I’m always excited musically.. 
What else you got coming up?     
Loads and loads but I’m really looking forward to getting back to Australia been a long time since I’ve been… 
Who are you on the daily outside of music?     
I’m just dad…. 
What can people expect at Innovation?   
 Rider will be bringing the innovation sound…lots of bass… 
Finally, do you still set yourself goal and targets, and what are they?       
Just to be as open to new music as I am now…and hopefully not lose the edge… 

Grooverider plays Innovation on August 28th at Proud 2, London alongside Hype, Goldie and many more. More information can be found by following this link.

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