Snow Flower And The Secret Fan Soundtrack Review

I had absolutely no awareness of this film coming up – which is embarrassing as the editor of a film website. But looking at the cover I threw it all down to another Ang Lee type period set flick set in China.

But Composer Rachel Portman is a name that is familiar to me. I remember she had won an Oscar for her score to the film Emma (and she being the first female recipient of that award). I also seem to have it in my head that she was similar in some ways to composer Michael Nyman.

So game for a listen I let the narrative and themes unfold. You’d half expect cliché strings from the eastern continent to be shoehorned in, and whilst there is usage here – they are never over eked. There is some beautiful piano work done as well as some heavier stringed atmospherics.

If I am expecting anything, it will be that much of the score is to be played over slow motion scenes involving much of an autumn felt nature surrounding the characters. But the mood set is one that is full of character observance, innocence and beauty.

Truly it does work as a pretty thing, but it is highly memorable and should, if there is any justice in the world, see Portman go on to win more accolades for her compositions.

Steven Hurst

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