Damn Vandals - Can't Go Dancing When You're Gone
Album Review

Damn Vandals – Can’t Go Dancing When You’re Gone

Lead man Jack Kansas supplies a vocal cross between Alan Donohoe  and Eddie Vedder, as this emerging London band deliver realism and fat percussion pushed post punk, blues rock and indie merging variety, ‘Can’t Go Dancing When You’re Gone’. An epic message is delivered in a snappy two and a half minutes and, a shaking vibe is given off. This is when grimy intro’ fades out and the philosophical, occasionally surreal lyrics take over. It gets your toes tapping and head ticking over at the same time.

‘Hey Little Bunny’, illuminates a softer and more tender side to The Damn Vandals. A soulful ballad is delivered, the more laid back vocals wrap around a slowly twisting guitar and patting percussion approach. There is enough here to get variety seekers who like a bit of feeling in their songs, a little excited for the future of this emerging outfit.

Rating: 4/5

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