Star Wars Republic Frigate Lego Review

Star Wars Republic Frigate

Pieces: 1015

Ages: 9-14

Mini Figures: 5 

Yoda (Clone Wars)

2 Clone troops (Commander Wolffe and Wolfpack trooper)

Eeth Koth

Quinlan Vos

Price: £102.99


What’s Inside

You get 2 booklets with the instructions of how to piece it all together – fully illustrated and very easy to follow in a step by step programme.

One Sticker sheet to help decorate certain parts.

5 Mini-figures (named above)

Packs of Lego – There are several packs numbered 1 -6, each of which is for a different stage of building your bricks. (Each bag often contains more miniature bags that contain some of the really small parts).


The Republic Frigate is taken from the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. Generally regarded as a mix up of transport for troops as well as a battle charge cruiser – this gun heavy model should put the wind up any engaging Sith.


Building this set was great fun, but this is not an easy build, hence the older age group attached to it. The difficulty is not in following the instructions – which are very clear and in full colour – but instead in holding each completed section together before it becomes a solid whole. The Frigate is long in design and requires a clear flat surface where you can place each of the pieces as you complete them – making sure to clap pieces together as carefully as possible as you go along.

In one sitting I managed to build this from start to finish in 3 ½ hours. Although I would suggest really taking your time and soaking up the enjoyment further and not rush as I did. Perhaps do a numbered bag in each sitting is a good way to really make the most of it.

As with many Lego models enthusiasm grows as you see it start to take shape, as each compartment becomes a whole with furniture, decoration and the inclusion of mini-figures.

Finished Product

Once you are done you end up with a piece that is almost 50cm in length, almost 30 cm in width with a Depth of over 10 cm. Quite the bad boy then.

It’s perhaps a slightly more fragile model due to its length and with all the antenna, guns and misslies poking out of it, playability could get messy. But there is plenty to interact with – see the aforementioned guns and flick missiles and several inner compartments which are easily accessed.

The mid section has a large room on each side – one of which includes a communication room with a Darth Sidious hologram piece which is dead cute. There are also a couple of control seats along the top of the model forming gun control and a Pilot seat. Finally, on the underside of the front is a large pod that can become detached and can take passengers inside. Just be careful not to cram figures in with extended light-sabers.

Stability again is really the only thing to worry about – but so long as you have the landing feet level it will sit happily. You can also put it up with a slide up handle that is well hidden in the centre of the beast!

For Age relevancy this will appeal to literally any fan of The Clone Wars series. This is likely to appeal to the ultra geek and younger audiences. Purists of the original trilogy may want to head for one of the more classic models instead, but for size, completeness and value this is a great fun model to have.

Steven Hurst

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