The Who Stream Quadrophonic Mix Of 5.15

The Who Stream Quadrophonic Mix Of 5.15

The Who have streamed a brand new Quadrophonic mix of the seminal single ‘5.15’, written by Pete Townshend for the epic Quadrophenia album, first released back in 1973 today.

Pete Townshend has explored a new studio mixing technique designed to give listeners on headphones the same experience as those listening to the new 5.1 mixes recently included on the Quadrophenia ‘Director’s Cut’ deluxe release. The band picked ‘5.15’, the biggest single from the album to try out a process called 3D60™ that takes sound from ordinary stereo into new dimensions of height and space. This three-dimensional 360 degree surround sound provides unlimited spatial audio with sounds coming from all around you; in front, behind, at different heights and even from overhead or below.

The classic Who track ‘5.15’ reached number 20 in the UK Singles Chart back in 1973 and depicts a story of a young Mod called Jimmy, whose teenage disconnection with society was at its darkest hour. Taking the ‘5.15’ train to run away from reality, Jimmy hits the booze in anger, drowning his sorrows and problems on this journey alone.

Enjoy this very first widescreen listening experience of The Who on your earphones today and plug them in to receive the classic ‘5.15’ track like you would have never heard it before.

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