Vukovi - ... But I Won’t Wear You Again EP
Album Review

Vukovi – … But I Won’t Wear You Again EP

Vukovi hail from Kilwinning in Ayrshire and are probably the only female fronted band in the Scottish scene just now who have managed to avoid the Paramore label by a considerable mile. “..But I Won’t Wear You Again” is the band’s first release of 2012 and follows on from previous EP “It Looked So Good On Me..”. This EP is an improvement on the previous which was lead by single “Try Before You Buy (Use Your Sex)” which was bit too much of a gimmick for me.

First track “Target Practice” has a pungent start and solid backing vocals from the guys throughout. Stripped back verses give the song variety and although being messy, the chorus is surprisingly catchy and lead singer Janine Shilstone’s vocals are on the money. The tables are flipped now as “Gutless” launches into a heavy verse, which is followed by a cleaner chorus. The breakdown is awash with overlapping vocals but comes to an abrupt end.

Every listener will be able to relate to the lyrics of “Snakes & Ladders”. It is a tale of jealousy and a ‘teenage’ love affair with leading lines like “you’re draining me…sucking energy from my heart”. An atmospheric start to “A Girl Called Jane” comes to a premature end as the lead guitar kicks but the song is back on track when what is almost like a second intro begins. With a couple of pauses and breakdowns, this is definitely going to be a hit with the crowds. The vast guitar riffs, melodies and prominent bass are what make this band’s sound and what will make this record so popular.

Vukovi play Glasgow’s King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut tonight to launch these four tracks at the venue’s New Year’s Revolution fortnight festival.

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