100 European Horrors Review

Editor: Steven Jay Schneider

If you are a big fan of horror and were to list your top 100 euro-horrors, chances are your list is bound to feature a majority of what is in this book.  That is to say that the book features many of the best examples that reflect the typical horror-fan taste buds (so by that argument it knows its audience) – but also it is not likely to surprise hardcore and cult fans.

Now those new to the genre or still growing their appetite for it might find this book to be the fast short cut to all they will ever need.

Names like Argento, Fulchi, Deodato, Bava, Murnau and Soavi all feature. And yes you can expect the Italians to take the bulk of the credit from their prime horror era from the 70’s. Argento himself features around 6 times (and that does not include pictures he had a production/writing credit on!). In fact the Italians frankly all but embarrass the rest of the continent for their shameful exercises in keeping the genre fresh and alive.

The book does trek back to the likes of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari and Nosferatu (like it would dare to forget them) and there are more recent highlights like France’s High Tension – but the majority is on the tried and tested cult classics.

Ideally then this book is for those still learning the genre. Anyone already familiar is going to want books of this length (or thicker) dedicated to the specific films themselves.

Steven Hurst

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