Die Hard Quadrilogy Disc Details

We already have Die hard 1,2 and er 4 availible to us on Blu-ray over here in the UK – yet strangely the third film hasn’t cropped up.  This no doubt is due to legal entanglements of some sort – but finally they have all been bundled together for release in April!

We won’t waste time trying toi explain what series Die Hard specifically is as we assume you have done the leg work on that one. People will be more interested in the extra material and here it is:

Blu-ray Contents

Die Hard

Commentary by director John McTiernan and Jackson De Govia

Scene specific commentary by Richard Edlund

Die Hard 4.0 International Trailer

The Newscasts

Interactive Stills Gallery (10mins of video 120 stills)

Die Hard 2

Commentary by Director Renny Harlin

Deleted Scenes x4

HBO First look

Making of Die Hard 2 Featurette

The Bad Guys Featurette

Interview with Renny Harlin

Visual Effects Breakdown

Side by Side Comparisons

Trailer and TV Spots


Die Hard with a Vengeance

Featurette: “Behind the Scenes”: Die Hard with a Vengeance

Featurette: “A Night to Die For/McClane is back”

Die Hard 3 Featurette

Behind the scenes x 4

Interview with Bruce Willis

Villain’s Profile – Featurette


Die Hard 4.0

Analog hero in a ~Digital World: Making of Die Hard 4.0

Fox Movie Channel Presents Fox Legacy

Featurette – Yippee Ki Yay MmotherF*****

Featurette – Die Hard by Guyz Nite

Featurette – Behind the Scenes with Guyz Nite

The Die Hard Quadrilogy wilkl be out on April 9th.

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