LEGO TIE Interceptor & Death Star & Naboo Review

TIE Interceptor & Death Star & Naboo

Pieces: 65

Ages: 6-12

Mini Figures: 1


Price: £9.99

What’s Inside:

1 instruction manual.

1 Death Star Globe containing pieces

2 bags of Lego for each build stage.


Star Wars again. The completed Death Star kinda gives away that it is Episode IV. Need we mention any more about this film series?


It’s a 3-4 four stage deal. You assemble your mini figure and the platform (which includes a very good printed Star Wars plaque), you assemble the ship (which is the longest part) and then you assemble the globe (which is the quickest).

The more technical fun is obviously in the ship which if you are in too much of a hurry can get a bit confusing – so watch out when putting those wings together!

Finished Product:

Now we already looked at the Naboo set – but the hands down prize goes to this set. It’s the same price, but it has a much more identifiable globe, fighter and pilot – not to mention more pieces (almost 10 more; which makes a big difference when dealing with smaller sets).

There is no denying how identifiable the Death Star is and the two halves are well designed here to incorporate enough detail for it to matter to fans. The Pilot is also a favourite from the original film and the his ship is a very cool design.

You can also get a Podracer set which has 13 more pieces than this one!  But we have our love in the right place on this occasion – so next time you want a bit of retro fun and a tenner to spare I highly recommend grabbing this little set.

Steven Hurst

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