LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Mill Review

The Mill – Pirates of the Caribbean

Pieces: 365

Ages: 7-14

Mini Figures: 4

Jack Sparrow

Admiral Norrigton

Will Turner


Price: £41.99

What’s Inside:

2 instruction booklets


4 Mini-figures (see names above)

4 numbered bags of Lego



Franchise: Pirates of the Caribbean

A true action highlight from the second film in the franchise (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest), Jack Sparrow; Will Turner and Admiral Norrington find themselves crossing swords in combat for possession of Davey Jones’ chest (which contains his still beating heart). Throw one of Jones’ shell-headed goons into the mix and you have yourself a cool LEGO set incorporating the mill!


You can spend a good hour putting this model together and there is a good mix of figures, complicated design and repetition to keep you occupied. The main structure is where the biggest challenge is and the most fun to be had. Literally from setting up the baseline to finishing the tower structure; it never seems the same as you build it up to its three storey height.

The mill wheel is the only repetitive part, but creating each plank doesn’t take up too much time and eventually it’s ready to drop into place. It’s a very cleverly designed piece and is a good bit of inspiration for your own future self-designed models.

Finished Product

The model is pretty interactive giving you space on various levels inside and outside of the mill to place figures. Yes you can even put them on or inside the wheel which rotates smoothly.

There are also two interactive parts – Obvious the first is the wheel which as well as rotating can also be launched (via lever) into a free roll. There is also the bell in the bell tower which is strung up via mini-rope which Jack can untie to help pull him up to the top quickly as the bell drops.

This is a good mid-price set that blends beautifully amongst other larger POTC sets that are also available. It’s good that the series is expanding as soon they will have to contend with Lord of the Rings when it catches up later this year!

Steven Hurst

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