LEGO Iron Man Review

Iron Man – Marvel Universe

Pieces:                 44

Ages:     6 – 12

Mini Figures:  0

Price:    £10.99

What’s Inside

Instruction Booklet

Comic Book

2 Bags of Lego


Franchise:           Marvel Universe – Superheroes  

Marvel is having its turn now at this giant Super-hero collection. And this time It’s Iron Man – Featured in two of his own solo movies (with a third out next year), the upcoming Avengers, and even a tiny cameo in The Incredible Hulk.


This is probably the easiest set I have ever put together. Two reasons – the pieces are gianormous and there are very few of them. You get less that 50 pieces in this set and they all serves to fit onto an almost skeletal frame that snaps together on balls, instead of the usual LEGO formatted bricks.

True the force required to snap them on takes a bit of pressure, but there is no other reason really why they couldn’t have aimed this set at a slightly younger crowd. I’m not sure if 12 year olds are really going to be that interested.

Adults for sure are not going to care – but they might want to crab it for the under 10 who is interested in the franchise.  At 11 pounds it’s an easy buy for a popular figure.

Finished Product

It doesn’t look good  to the adult eye. It’s basic, even if it is maneuverable. But if you have seen the Joker toy we also reviewed you get the idea that these are meant to look the way they do in design, like it was handed over to an absurdist cartoonist for the redesign.

Younger kids though it is a very affordable price to buy for, so why not treat them as the film makes its way out. Knowing they had the LEGO toy when this franchise was around might be a memory worth remembering in their future.

An interesting note is that if you also get the Captain America model – you can swap and even combine parts to make for one MEGA-hero!

Steven Hurst

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