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Chevrolet Volt

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Want to save the world from the evil green house gas emissions? Well you can do your bit with the new electric powered car from Chevrolet, the Volt. What makes it nicer to the environment and more practical than other electric cars, is that the battery will last for four hours, and when it runs out the petrol engine kicks in to re-charge the battery, but not to run the wheels. So you can go really far without plugging in and it uses less petrol. Wonderful!

Some facts about the car:

Fuel consumption First 60 km: 0 L/100 km
CO2 emissions First 60 km: 0 g/100 km
CO2 emissions MVEG Cycle 500 km (using onboard generator)
Vehicle type 5-door, 4-seat front-wheel-drive hatchback
Category Electric Vehicle (with extended-range capability)
Top speed 161 km/h
Power 111kW / 150hp
Torque 370 Nm

There is more….

You can set the cars efficiency to various models so that it re-charges at the cheapest time (remotely or from inside the car), you can set various settings to allow for most efficient use of power while driving with regards to heating and cooling. Plus the cars ‘Efficiency Meter’ gives the driver real time feedback on how efficient you are being.

Then, for the more practical aspects of driving and performance there are five driving modes to tackle varying needs of the driver. In normal, the default setting, the Volt drives in the most efficient mode in terms of power use. The sport mode automatically reconfigures the accelerator pedal response to provide quicker torque application. Selecting mountain mode 10 to 15 minutes before entering very high grades, adjusts the propulsion system to provide sufficient battery charge needed in this environment without compromising performance. The hold mode, designed specifically with European customers in mind, allows the driver to save the battery’s charge until she or he reaches a city where restrictions or tolls promote the use of zero-emissions vehicles. Lastly, low shift mode works in tandem with sport mode to accommodate the sportiest driving style.

So to summarise: you spend less on petrol, you save the environment and its better than most other electric and hybrid cars.

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