The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Century: 2009

Authors: Kevin O’Neil & Alan Moore

Well first off it is worth saying THANK GOD we finally got the Black Dossier recently in print in the UK. The opening of this third part of the LEOG: Century series has valuable connections to that story. Even if this is in the direct past link of the new M’s life (see if you recognise her “entourage” of men working for her). The connection with Prospero is also valuable – not to mention all the more information of Orlando whom we pick things up with initially.

So the end of the world is nigh – the end of the second part of Century saw the group split up and the sure footing of the coming of the anti-Christ. This time the group have to find one and other (Orlando has been fighting wars, Mina has been locked away in the nuthouse, and Allan has turned to the streets and drugs for 40 years) before they even think about tackling anything even slightly demonic.

For a final part of the saga, it had to be said it is in no hurry to wrap up. Even for such a slimline release it really takes it’s time getting the characters back to where we need them. And when the Anti-Christ is finally revealed (and whom they have chosen for this role is a real hoot) the book thrusts forward rather abruptly to its end. In fact you’ll perhaps be a bit shocked at how quickly it all finishes. That isn’t to say that it isn’t satisfying – this volume is more concerned with making its points about social society today and the impact on us, than perhaps say the characters and the story development. The first two parts of Century had better plots that were protracted well with what the authors wanted to say about the times. Here it’s more context than content. But don’t doubt for a second the lavish design in which O’Neill and Moore present their tale. And as always there is an end, but will the end really end here.  For this tale perhaps, but we are sure to see more of the league in the years to come.

Steven Hurst

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