Glasswerk meets: Katie Cole

Glasswerk meets: Katie Cole

Meet Katie Cole originally from Melbourne , Australia , now based in Los Angeles , USA . Does she dominate with ballads? No. Does she compose songs on the piano? Rarely. What she does do then? She rocks and enjoys a loud guitar, a strong melodic hook and an up tempo pop song. Growing up on a strict diet of rock music from her Mum, she was fed Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin in one ear and Maria Callas from her Vocally classically trained, Father. After a quick detour in music to Smashing Pumpkins, Aretha Franklin and Eurythmics, Katie describes her own style of music as having flavors of Sheryl Crow, KT Tunstall and Carolina Liar.

Q: An alien lands on earth. He doesn’t really know much about bands/artists and that – as he’s an alien. How would you describe you and your music to said alien?

Firstly I’d give the Alien a few cd’s including some David Bowie – Best of (so we’re covered), The Beatles – Revolver, Fleetwood Mac – Rumours, Sheryl Crow – The globe sessions and maybe some Aretha Franklin and then I’d try to describe my music. I’d probably say that my music has flavours of all above, but closer to Fleetwood mac and Sheryl. Once we’re on the same page, then I’d make “it” play tambourine to some Bowie and i’d film and post it to Youtube.

Q: It’s 2012, the year of the dragon. What’s been your highlight of the year so far? It doesn’t have to be anything to do with dragons, but dragons are rad.

Lot’s of highlights. This year during the recording of my new album Kris Kristofferson sang on one of my songs called “Penelope”. …I also discovered the tv show, Game of Thrones….now there are awesome mini dragons in that show!

Q: God calls you up, and he’s wanting to put on a show. Being God and all, he doesn’t really have time to choose bands, DJs or a venue. He’s put you in full control. Also – again, him being God and all – you can choose anyone alive or dead – he’s that good. Who’s playing and where?

Ok, lemme think about it. Got it!!! Venue – the show is on the moon so everyone can see it. Then we U-stream or God-stream it to every tv network. There are 3 stages at “moon-fest”. On the Singer-Songwriter stage there is Nick Drake, Adele, Robbie Williams and Stevie Wonder on piano, on Band Stage 1 – we’ll have The Beatles from 1960’s, Oasis from the mid nineties and Tom Petty from the same era, Genesis and Eurythmics from 1985, Band Stage 2 – would have Smashing Pumpkins, U2, Sheryl Crow, Coldplay. There is also an Indie stage where Nikka Costa, Eric Church, Punch Brothers, Death Cab, KT Tunstall and Steroephonics will play. I think i’d put myself on Bandstage 2 also. And I’d make sure I get to sing back up vocals on at least one U2 song. It’ll be in my contract.

Q: What’s your favourite childhood memory?

I remember catching butterflies in a net. I remember spending a lot of time climbing trees and not falling out of them. The balance to all that I recall wearing roller skate while riding a bicycle and completely putting my back out when I inevitably crashed. haha.

Q: What were the first and last pieces of music that you bought?

I don’t remember the first I bought. I remember the first that was given to me. It was a mix tape called “Hits Huge 1984”. It was great and had everything from Elton John to Howard Jones. The last I bought was Smashing Pumpkins “Oceania”.

Q: What bands/artists are there around at the moment that people aren’t listening to enough? Any tips for future stardom?

I was just at a conference for Americana music and discovered Punch Brothers, Elizabeth Cook and John Fullbright (great upcoming artists). I love Gavin Degraw and think Brantley Gilbert is an amazing writer. Personally, don’t think Butterfly Boucher or Ingrid Michaelson get enough attention.

Q: What’s the rest of 2012 got in store for you?

New single “I Can’t Wait” coming out Oct 22nd in the UK. I’ll be touring, making music videos and planning world domination for next year. My new record “Lay It All Down” comes out early 2013! Also probably be doing a lot more songwriting too. I do tons of that in Los Angeles and Nashville!!

Q: That alien from Q1 is back – he’s just got his mitts on a computer, and he wants to find out more about you. Where’s the best place he can go to find out more and what should he check out first?

Go to link first and read the news feed. He should join twitter and follow me link and Facebook link . Then he will be up to speed on all things Katie Cole. thanks!!

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