Gallows - Camden Underworld
Live Review

Gallows – Camden Underworld, London

The Camden Underworld is not the biggest venue by any means, and cannot withstand a huge capacity, so it comes as no surprise that Gallows were able to sell out two dates in the venue and with Saturday night being the last date of their UK tour, it was bound to be a night to remember.

Marmozets kicked the night off in their usual flying form, further setting in stone their reputation to bring life to any party, or simply kick start it into gear, Becca MacIntyre providing her shell shocking vocals to a crowd who know well what this band are capable of. Soon after that, Landscapes hit the stage and brought the hardcore. Tracks like No Love stormed through the venue and got the crowd in motion for what was to come.

But little compared to what transpired when Gallows hit the stage. Kicking off the set with Misery, the place erupted, exploded in a burst of epileptic energy. Wade roared and commanded the stage like no other, showing that you do not have to be Frank Carter to bring a Gallows show to life. He and his bandmates were soaking up everything the Underworld had to offer, and it offered a lot.

Many of the crowd took their opportunity to join their idols on stage, albeit momentarily, before thrusting themselves back into the crowd. Others took a different approach, lending their voices to microphones. One lucky reveller received the microphone from Wade, and bellowed out the song which was tattooed across his chest.

The set mainly consisted of the bands latest, self titled effort, which did not displease the fans. Last June, Outsider Art and Cross Of Lorraine all stand amongst the more widely known Gallows tracks. That said, it was songs like London Is The Reason and Abandon Ship which truly got the crowd using whatever energy they had stored up.

While the Camden Underworld might not be the biggest venue it is the perfect spot for a band like Gallows – a huge following which will always sell out such a venue. But also, with their musical style, they will get a bigger response from the crowd in a more intimate environment, such as this one. Nights like this are what make music worth while.

Venue: Camden Underworld, London
Support Band: Marmozets, LANDSCAPES

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