A Loss For Words - The Cockpit
Live Review

A Loss For Words – The Cockpit, Leeds

It’s Halloween Eve and tonight four bands are going to tear up Cockpit 3, the smallest of the rooms in Leeds’ popular pop punk and metal venue. Live shows in this room always end up one of two ways: they can either look completely packed out or embarrassingly dead. Tonight I’m praying for the former because the four bands playing deserve it.

First up is Birmingham’s hottest new talent Light You Up, a five-piece that potentially have a promising career ahead of them after the recent release of their debut EP ‘Broken Jaw.’ Playing the new EP in its entirety plus an old track, Light You Up pull of an energetic performance with frontman Tom Napier particularly interacting with the crowd during his live performance. Slowing down the set with a more emotional offering is ‘Lifebox,’ which opens with acoustic guitar and later kicks in with drums and electric guitar. Overall, Light You Up provides a fantastic opening to what is hoped to be a fantastic night.

Next to grace the stage is Decade, opening their set in full swing with ‘Won For Sorrow’ and ‘Down Like A Clown, Charlie Brown.’ Alex Sears’ diverse vocal range impresses live as much as it does in recording, especially evident in ‘Never Enough,’ where Connor Fathers backing vocals continue to add extra substance to their set. Treating both old and new born fans to an untitled track set to appear on their debut album, the five-piece seem to have kept in sync with their older sound but progressed in maturity compared to self-titled EP ‘Decade.’ With continued energy and infectious riffs from Joe Marriner and Connor Fathers, the bands raucous presence is kept alive with ‘Down and Out’ and ‘Low,’ ending their set very promptly with the crowd pleaser ‘It’s Good To Be A Vampire.’

Half way through the night and after two great performances, Welsh pop punkers Save Your Breath are up next to impress the crowd. With an increase in crowd interaction, Save Your Breath own the room with their energetic stage presence, involving themselves with the crowd and encouraging their fans to have as much fun as they appear to be having. Playing many crowd pleasers including ‘Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy’ and ‘The Lost Boys,’ the five-piece provide a set that no fan can complain about. ‘Maps’ is a perfect opportunity to present the bands dynamic group vocals and this is a potential favourite of mine from their set. Ending with their hit ‘Stay Young,’ Save Your Breath gear up the crowd in preparation for headliners A Loss For Words.

Finally here to show Leeds what they are made of is Boston’s A Loss For Words. Cockpit 3 has packed out nicely now, with the band kick starting their set with one of their well-known tracks ‘Honeymoon Eyes.’ ‘Pirouette’ slows the set down, giving the crowd chance to catch their breath before some of the adventurous attempt a human pyramid later in the set. Playing their cover of The Jackson 5’s ‘I Want You Back’ has the room ecstatically shouting back at vocalist Matt Arsenault, the temperature building and resulting in a very sweaty atmosphere down at the front of the venue. ‘Mount St. Joseph’ heightens emotions, with its strong chorus, the first half of the crowd upping the energy to show their appreciation for the five-piece.

As hoped for, Cockpit 3 packed out creating an enthusiastic and intimate atmosphere by the end of this Halloween Eve. All four bands have played very admirable sets and the crowd have justified that by their continued involvement, despite the lack of space in this tiny venue. Anybody at the show tonight should have made the most of its intimacy, because I’m pretty certain that soon enough all four bands will be playing much bigger venues than the upstairs of Cockpit.

Venue: The Cockpit, Leeds
Support Band: Save Your Breath, Decade, Light You Up

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