Bo Keeney - Sea Bright Arms
Live Review

Bo Keeney – Sea Bright Arms

In the intimate surroundings of ‘Seabright Arms’, an expectant crowd eagerly awaited the headline performance of 23 year old Bo Keeney. Having just released his debut EP, ‘Don’t You Worry’, Bo took to the stage in a dapper suit and confidently opened his set with ‘Ambulance’; a groove laden track filled with soulful jazz vocals, defined beats and a driving bass line.

Launching straight into ‘Motivation’, another track from his debut EP, Bo’s intense body language and nervous energy was evident throughout, as he closed his eyes and raised his hand to his ear, expressing each musical nuance. Firmly supported by a dynamic four piece band, oozing with personality and consisting of synths/keys, electric guitar, bass and drums, the set also featured some new material such as ‘Golden Telephone’, featuring the bluesy echoes of a harmonica. Bo followed this with his debut single ‘Don’t You Worry’; an energetic track spanning across a multitude of different genres, including indie-rock, electro funk, jazz and a surprising drum ‘n’ bass drop that takes the track in a whole new direction. Bo’s vocals remained on point throughout, as he adapted to each new style and tempo with the greatest of ease.

As we’ve already witnessed throughout the EP, Bo is an accomplished musician, having played all the instruments himself. He further showcases this in his live performance, by taking to the piano for the emotive ballad ‘Give Her What She Wants’, followed by an electric guitar solo in ‘I Got A Letter’; two exciting new tracks not currently on his EP, but will hopefully follow in due course. Once again, that nervous energy crept back into his performance, giving him a unique edge that’s thoroughly captivating.

The final track of his set, and certainly the highlight of the night, was the energetic ‘Jump the Gun’, where Bo playfully interacted with his band, evoking the classic ‘big band’ vibe. The energy on stage was next level, with Bo showcasing hints of moonwalking and popping, further adding to the electric live performance. Having received such a positive response, Bo treated the crowd to a mini encore, where he delivered a few bars of a bluesy accapella. The crowd fell silent and within those few simple bars, had the whole room in the palm of his hand as he left the stage on a high note.

Bo Keeney delivered a solid headline performance, and showcased his exceptional vocals and diverse musical ability; No doubt a promising 2013 lies ahead. Be sure to check out his debut EP ‘Don’t Your Worry’, which is available now.

Venue: Sea Bright Arms
Support Band: Guests

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