Bleach Blood - The Water Rats
Live Review

Bleach Blood – The Water Rats, London

Jamie Jazz, Jimmy Jazz – it can’t be a coincidence that Bleach Blood lead singer Jamie has a stage name that so closely resembles one of the maybe least-appreciated Clash songs. Tucked into the heart of London Calling, Jimmy Jazz was quickly recorded but professional, and that’s what Bleach Blood had to offer with their debut performance in King’s Cross on December 11.

The similarities to punk’s finest were made ridiculously clear by the catchy opener. “I will guess your nay-ay-name” is an instantly addictive chorus and is surely just answering the Clash’s “What’s my name?” Maybe not, who knows, but either way the song is a great opener – it is all very punk rock, just a little cleaner. It has taken six months to get to the live show, but confidence is high, as it should be for a singer who has previously toured with Billy Bragg. Nervous giggling when the equipment breaks turns into smiles and laughter and we are under way.

The narrative moves to “So pleased to meet you”, which features some razor-sharp guitar sounds and a first introduction to the whoah hoahs that all of the band appear to revel in. Worked for me, my plus one and pretty much everyone else.

There is an album coming next year, which should include “London in the rain”, a song that perhaps might benefit lyrically from the frankness of its introduction. It is all about “being a dick to a girl… we’ve all been there”. Or was it, “being addicted to a girl”? We’ve all been there as well and I prefer that interpretation. What follows is altogether softer, maybe heartfelt but a little soppy until the crunch line, “You never really loved her, although you like to think you did”. It didn’t really matter because by now we had all warmed up and the crowd had thickened to a throng.

Just the right time to introduce the anthemic “Born in a rave”, which is followed by a song about the importance of friends – a tribute to everyone (and there are more than a few) who has helped shunt the band forward over the past six months, parents and all.

More jollyness follows with “Anything, anything”, which maintains the soft punk feel and drags up memories of Altered Images. More whoah, whoahs follow.

Bleach blood describe themselves as punk, dance, pop, which makes the goth logo a bit of a surprise. But the sound works and as we enjoyed the final song – “Let your heart break” – we’ve all joined the whoah whoah world. The music is tight, the tunes are short and snappy and we are in the hands of professionals.

Venue: The Water Rats, London
Support Band: Electric River, the RebelBeats

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