Crowns - Barrowlands
Live Review

Crowns – Barrowlands, Glasgow

Cornwall’s Crowns made the long trip to Scotland to support American rockers Dropkick Murphys yesterday. And after playing a storming, if too short, set of high quality music they left with many new fans.

Crowns’ music is a fast paced mix of traditional Cornish folk music and raucous pop-punk, which they have named fishpunk. Their youthful energy and exuberant sound went down very well with the Murphys fans, and there were a few Crowns t-shirts on show in the large audience too.

The set opened with the title track from the band’s excellent debut album Stitches In The Flag and the anthemic nature of the music, rhythmic and strident, soon grabbed the crowd’s attention. China Clay and Partying In The Porch followed in similar vein, the band’s power and passion clear for all to see.

Lead singer and acoustic guitarist Bill Jefferson stood centre stage, his strong voice belting out the heartfelt lyrics. During the instrumental sessions he darted to his right to jam with mandolin player Jack Speckleton before heading to the other side of the stage where bass player Jake Butler was stationed. And behind them drummer Nathan Haynes was a blur as he kept the rhythm solid and at an almost impossibly fast pace throughout.

Jefferson challenged the audience to make more noise than the previous night’s Manchester show, and I’m sure they did. The growing reaction from the almost capacity crowd was noticeable as the response to each song increased. They clearly recognised the quality of the band’s set.

Closing with Full Swing, another fast and furious slice of fishpunk, all four members of the band sang the chorus, giving a great finale to a fine set. One final crash of the drums and it was over, Crowns leaving the stage to the type of reception that few support acts ever enjoy.

Crowns sound great on record, and I always suspected that the nature of their music would make them a tremendous live spectacle. On the basis of this short set it seems I was correct. And the vast majority of a large Glasgow crowd agreed with me.

Venue: Barrowlands, Glasgow
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