Astroid Boys Interview Dr.Meaker For Glasswerk Meets

Astroid Boys Interview Dr.Meaker For Glasswerk Meets

We grabbed Benji from Welsh rap crew Astroid Boys to interview latest collaborators, Bristol live bass music mob Dr Meaker. We expected chaos, we got off quite lightly…

1: Can you tell the readers who/what is Dr Meaker ?
Dr Meaker is a collaborative bass music project founded and based in Bristol. We are a group of electronic and acoustic musicians coming together to create some magic. Our front lady is soul singer Lorna King. We also collaborate with other artists and vocalists. We collaborated with the Astroid Boys and Joe Peng on our latest single – Shak Out.

2: What is your best memory of Dr Meaker live?
Would have to be the first time playing Glastonbury. That gig was such a momentous and monumental occasion as it had been a lifetime ambition for me to play there and it totally went off!!

3: Do you prefer to play small venues or bigger venues, and why?
It varies. Small venues for that intense vibe and feeling as one with the crowd.
Big stages can also be wicked when you got a HUGE crowd going mental. It all comes down to the sound on stage and the vibe and interaction with the crowd. We’ve had awesome gigs both small and big and it’s cool to keep mixing it up.

4: If we were to look in your iPod (assuming you have one) what album is most likely to be the “most played”?
Probably ‘Blue Lines’ by Massive Attack… A real masterpiece that captured a moment in time.

5: What do you feel is your biggest achievement so far?
Signing our last 2 singles to V Recordings and then having them playlisted on BBC 1Xtra and getting support from loads of DJs all across Radio 1. Such a great feeling hearing your music gaining support from your peers and the headz!

6: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you managed to overcome this issue? if so, how?
I think because we have been doing this as a band for while, it’s hard (in a rapidly changing & evolving industry) to keep it feeling fresh. We’ve overcome this by not sticking to one specific style or genre of bass music and we just keep moving forward and growing musically. We’re seeing an evolution in our sound and being rewarded by our own dedication and perseverance. You see so many new bands come, peak and go but we just keep growing and builiding in momentum over time.

7: Did Dr Meaker graduate from medical school?

8: If you absolutely had no choice than to collaborate with one of the following, who would it be…Mr Blobby, Paris Hilton, Milo (from the Tweenies), Rebecca Black or Marge Simpson?
My gut instinct is saying Marge Simpson so I’d go with that.
From what I have seen of her on the telly Marge looks like a genuine and down to earth person with a kind spirit and nice vibe and I’d rather work with someone like that. Plus, if she pissed me off (not likely) I’d just tipp-ex her!

9: Where can the readers find your music?
All links are here: link link
Or go to soundcloud link or youtube link

10: Do you have anything else that you would like to tell us?
We put our heart and souls into our live performances, so… Come see us play live this year! Make the effort, it’ll be worth it!
Big uuuuuuppppppzzzzz!!

Single Shak Out feat Benji from Astroid Boys is released on Monday 28th January.

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