New DC LEGO sets for 2013

Here’s a peek at the new DC LEGO sets availible out there! The unuverse is forever expanding and new characters are getting incarnated into LEGO form as well as some old favourites!


Arctic Batman™ vs. Mr. Freeze™: Aquaman™ on Ice (76000) RRP £19.99

Mr. Freeze has trapped Aquaman in a block of ice and only Batman™ can release him! Kick some ice and speed to the rescue in the powerful Batboat! Turn up the heat with exhaust flames, deploy the missiles and release the bombs to save Aquaman from the icy grip of Mr Freeze, before he’s frozen solid! Includes 3 minifigures: white Arctic Batman™, Mr. Freeze and Aquaman.


The Bat vs. Bane™ Tumbler Chase (76001) RRP £39.99  

High above Gotham City, Batman™ spots Bane in the armored Tumbler chasing Police Commissioner Gordon! Bust Bane through the road barricades in the Bane Tumbler with hidden dual flick missiles and flame exhaust. Swoop down from the skies in The Bat and winch the commissioner to safety with the rescue rope before Bane reaches him! Includes 3 minifigures: Batman, Bane and Police Commissioner Gordon.


Batman: Arkham Asylum Breakout™ (10937-1) RRP £129.99

This could well be the must have set for any Batman fan. Arkham Asylum plays home to most of Gotham’s most notorious villains. Batman will have his hands full with this lot!

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