Gangster Squad Soundtrack Review

gangThis is not the score, but song compilation for the film Gangster Squad. Although it carries the dreaded moniker “music from and inspired by” don’t for a moment think that they have hired the latest hot rock and Emo bands to do a cover versions or slickly polished new forgettable tunes for you to throw up to. Instead this is all period music from the film, and from the era which if anything is just an ode to a long since gone era of music.

While fanatics of the age will recognise a ball-gown number or two, there isn’t much here that will have the casual listener groaning about. Whoever compiled this volume at least searched around for something not normally played which does them, the soundtrack, and the era credit as it can only expand interest.

It is largely lounge jazz you’ll hear:  Sometimes serene, but often sassy and pretty much what you’d hope for from such a period piece. The downside to this is that there is only room enough it seems for 12 tracks.  We’d understand if that was all the music that appeared in the film, but with the “Inspired” moniker on the front someone really should have grabbed some more.

So what mix of old and new do we have. Names like Johnny Mercer, Pee Wee king and Hoagy Carmichael will keep any purists content, while modern artists playing to the time include Imelda May, Kitty, Daisy & Lewis and of course The gangster Squad Movie Band.

Steven Hurst

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