Hitchcock Soundtrack Review

hElfman is clearly the right choice to compose for this film as his own style is influenced heavily by the Psycho composer Bernard Hermann. Film buffs may already know that Elfman translated Hermann’s score for the Psycho remake back in the late 90’s; so it’s probably all the more appropriate that he take on the role here as Hitchcock is based around the Director’s task of bringing the now iconic horror film to the screen.

You could perhaps look at some of Elfman’s work and strip out a few melodies here and instruments there to get something that is very close to Hermann as evidenced. The opening tracks on this disc pay close homage to Hermann’s work. Sometimes it is hard to judge if he is just doing that on purpose or if he really is today’s answer to him.

But once you get to the track Paramount/Out of the Gate you realise he still has a bit of Tim Burton movie in him with his dark fairytale dance like melodies. He just can’t resist them.

There are various beats that Elfman has had to hit along the way, although nothing as strict as his Psycho score. He is free to pay tribute to the film, as well as go behind the scenes and tell the tale they way his strings would see and hear it.

Of course homage can only go so far though as Hitchcock isn’t half as tense or terrifying as the film it is about. Here there is much more melodrama for Elfman to play to. And this nicely sums up the score. It isn’t the classic you now, but it’s a nice companion piece.

Steven Hurst

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