The Filmwerk Podcast Is Back On iTunes!

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It took us a while to sort out our feed issues, but the Filmwerk podcast is now back on iTunes!

In truth it never went anywhere, but for reasons unknown to us, or Apple support, the Filmwerk Podcast disappeared from search results.  Subscribers though have still been getting each new episode we have launched, but sadly any new listeners were unable to find it in the iTunes store.

We made a player available with each episode on the website for listeners – but now we are back!  We are back in the iTunes store.  Eager film podcast fans need only go to their iTunes store and search for “Filmwerk”, or click here now.

Look for our logo in the results.  Subscribe and you will see that you can get all the previous episodes as well! And it is all FREE!!!

So whether you just liked listening to us talk about upcoming movies, trailer and poster campaigns, or whether you like our Filmclub edition where we talk about films that don’t get talked about quite as often as they perhaps should, or listening to us rant on about franchises, they are all there for your listening pleasure.  Hell, we even suggest you listen to our openings to see if you can spot the film clips! We love film and we hope you do too!

In the near future we can promise you the conclusion to our Clint Eastwood retrospective, a multiple podcast edition looking at the Star Trek film franchise and retrospective episodes on the Evil Dead, Wes Craven, John Carpenter and many, many more!


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