Dredd Sequel Facebook Campaign Launched


Well it looks like there are a few fans in uproar about the possibility that Dredd may not get a sequel.  But there are more people out there who have not yet lost hope.

A facebook page to get numbers rising and awareness out there for the possibility of a Dredd sequel are underway at the MAKE A DREDD SEQUEL page which is campaigning for the return of the mighty lawgiver.

We understand where they are coming from as Dredd went down well with the Filmwerk staff (We bought our tickets!). A shame then that it was under promoted, underseen and badly reviewed by the press. If you feel that the film deserves a second go then visit the facebook page here and “like it.” Then share and spread the word:


If you haven’t seen the first film (no not the Sly version!) then best head over to your nearest disc retailer and order yourself a copy now.


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