Die So Fluid - Mother Live
Live Review

Die So Fluid – Mother Live, London

Supporting the main act this evening were Grace Solero and Maleficent. Solero set a nice tone for the evening to come. She managed to project to the crowd with ease and flare. Maleficent on the other hand seemed to be suffering from sound issues and what can only be described as a tidal wave of treble and bass was thrust upon the crowd. Thankfully this was not an issue for the main act when their turn came round.

The last time we had the pleasure of Die So Fluid’s company was a few years back at the Scala, London. The band were then promoting their third album “The World is Too big For one Lifetime”. Since then they have been making their way round Europe on various dates keeping their music very much alive, as well as recording material for their next album.

The trio arrive on the little basement stage of the Mother Live very much on time and ready to rock and belt out the previous mentioned album’s wonderful opening track “Figurine” to great effect. This if anything was the only song missing from the scala set they played. A powerful song to satisfy any craving, utilising all members of the band to the best of their abilities. You often look at DSF and wonder how three of them up there do it all. So already we are in a good mood.

Front woman, Grog, has lost none of her stage presence: dressed from top to bottom in her own darkly-glam outfit, eyes popping from her head and hitting the hard notes that she makes so easy to deliver.

The room itself may be small but did provide for a decent atmosphere. Although we don’t envy anyone attempting to do any sort of professional photography. In fact the room was so crammed that it even inspired Grog to distill a comedic story about being backstage having a wee into a cup earlier as the chances of her making it through the crowd to the loo would have proved futile.

Japes aside, it’s a terrific performance all round, and from the reaction to some of the crowd we understand that they have made a few new fans that evening as well as a result. DSF it seems have many a moon to go before anything even remotely becomes tired.

We are assured that the fourth album is mere moments away from completion, so should give fans something to look forward to. But as the band are pretty good are rotating their live schedule across Europe on a regular basis, we can’t recommend seeing them enough, and if the new album is coming then another tour can’t be far behind.

Venue: Mother Live, London
Support Band: Grace Solero, Maleficent

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