LEGO Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle


Iron Man: Extremis Sea Port Battle

Pieces: 195

Ages: 6-12

Mini Figures: 3

Iron Man with Heart Breaker Armor,

Aldrich Killian,

War Machine.

Price: £19.99

What’s Inside:

1 instruction booklet

2 mini-figures (see names above)

2 numbered bags of Lego

1 sheet of stickers

1 Mini Comic



Franchise: Marvel’s Iron Man

This is of course also tying in with iron man 3 (very loosely).


Great fun.  A few identifiable mini-figs and a decent vehicle to build. This is the pure fun of building a small set ending up with something kids can totally play with.  For the price it is asking it’s almost a steal too.

The boat is larger than we expected it to be and has a good variety of sized pieces and plates to keep it an enjoyable build.


Finished Product

This is a step up from the smaller Mandarin set.  You get more pieces, more interactivity, a decent boat to build with added features and even a mini-comic which will also help explain the new three sets as it features all three. So comparisons to the film really should end here.

The biggest shame? Well only relating to the sets overall: the fact that there is a film there to be taken advantage of and they haven’t really done that. Why isn’t there a larger set-piece for Tony’s Malibu Mansion?  Why isn’t there a Stark workshop set piece with all of his tools, robotic buddies, designer interior and previously used suits Marks 1-VII. Did no-one think that the teaser poser of him standing in front of them all was not a good idea for LEGO to capitalise on?

And what about the other set-pieces and characters from the film?  Where are the other villains, where is the Iron patriot? With luck a second batch will come our way later in the year if these sets do well. But by then people may be craving Thor.

Steven Hurst

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