LEGO Iron Man vs. The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown


Iron Man vs. The Mandarin Ultimate Showdown

Pieces: 91

Ages: 6-12

Mini Figures: 2

Iron Man with Heart Breaker Armor,

The Mandarin.

Price: £11.99

What’s Inside:

1 instruction booklet

2 Mini-figures (see names above)

2 bags of Lego



Franchise: Marvel’s Iron Man

This is perhaps the cheekiest of the new sets – but only if you view it in relation to the film as it has very little to do with it.  No, instead this is LEGO scenario invention pitting Iron man against the Mandarin in this boss fight. The comparison’s to the film end there


Being the smallest of the three new iron man sets, this one is the quickest to put together. You get two great mini-figs in Iron Man (with the Heart-Breaker Armour no-less!) and of course the big bad Mandarin.  Obviously the building fun comes in the Mandarin’s flame spewing buggy. It’s a fairly swift build, and an interesting design. So should keep the young ‘uns occupied and give them something to play with once finished.


Finished Product

We love LEGO Iron Man.  We already know he is going to be a Mini-fig collectable as there are various Iron Man suits out there to take advantage of.  And if the new film boasts his Mark 42 armour then the sky is indeed the limit for LEGO to take advantage of this feature.

Steven Hurst

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