Art Of Epic Review

artThere are some really beautiful double page spreads and a lot of detail surrounding the ideas behind the film itself. Blue Sky are behind the hugely popular Ice Age franchise and there’s plenty here to get excited about the film.

The book itself doesn’t have the same number of pre-production drawings and sketches that other books have. Either they simply haven’t done as many due to production times and gone straight into digital work, or they’ve concentrated on showcasing ideas that were signed off. Either way, this isn’t as involving as other books that we’ve reviewed recently on Filmwerk and isn’t as big either.

There are some really good character profiles and poses from Sang Jun Lee and some powerful drawings from William Joyce. The limited edition sets also include an illustration from Chris Wedge, the Director.

I think they’ve concentrated on giving us details on the characters and not as much on the environments, so its all very subjective in terms of what you’re looking for. For me, I like to say what didn’t make it into the film as much as what did. A lovely title, though perhaps not one of Titans best.

 Maliha Basak

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