FrightFest: The Sleepy Queue II: Return of the Killer Sleepy Queue


It’s Sleepy Queue time again for FrightFest and, as per last year (see here), we are back t0 see what regulars are there; what newbies have joined the ranks; how much longer the queue has got since last year; what cheeky bastards decided to play another fun round of “let’s heckle the photographer” and which of the organizers were up bright and early to wake, entertain and chat with the most dedicated fans you’ll likely see!

Here then is our snap shot of moments from the queue for 2013. Enjoy!


As usual it all starts here! (Actually it really starts at the other end of the square the day before but once the night time masses have dispersed, the queue moves up to the entrance for the Empire Cinema Leicester Square!)050

Morning gang!054

It is literally a place to meet and influence new friends. There was chatter all up and down the line, but clearly you can also see that chairs and other creature comforts are a must for a queue that ran for over 18 hours!055

More regulars!


WTF??? Er… We’ll come back to check this out later I think…


At the first corner it’s lively and the queue does not stop here.075

Like last year it goes way up to the top of the road, but this year it seems like it curves right round the next corner as well! (Everyone book the day off before for next year’s queue. We anticipate it to be even more popular!)091

Aha!  Our first organizer spot  Alan Jones! (Who literally does make his way down the queue to say hello to everyone).102

Morning arrivals get themselves on the end of the line. But don’t worry…104

Alan will keep you entertained.106

Seriously!  He will dance if instructed!117

A Filmwerk photo collection would not be complete without the occasional canted angle!136

This guy again. Well behind the glasses and the… pink robe.. is Filmwerk’s FrightFest Podcast co-host, Marco Magahales! It isn’t quite putting a face to a name, but about as close as we can get. 140

Truly the person we can’t miss is this man, right at the front. You don’t want to know what time he started queuing. But we think, like Alan, he used to have hair when he did.156



Coffee!  We suspect that is a very good idea!167

And entertainment as well.172



Yeah. We love you too.181

What? What the hell do you think you are playing at buddy!
Oh!  It’s Simon Aitken – we interviewed him on our podcast earlier this year for his short films (see here)!183

We’d love to insert random comedy dialogue as to what people are saying to each other but why don’t you have a go yourself. See how long it takes before you descend into porn dialogue.189

We love the FrightFest crowd. all such beautiful and wonderfully creative people.193

Quick!  Get in line!


This is seriously a lot of people!  Online buyers… good luck!206

It never ends!  just like that film that kept ending over and over.209

OK we’re bored in our own company now. So let’s play a game. WHO ARE WE LOOKING AT!211

Little bit closer…212

Little bit closer…213

Oh, who could it be?215

Oh!  We’re gonna get busted!217

Hasn’t seen us yet…218

Hello, effects make-up artist Paul While!221

All these wonderful people and more!


And their destination is right here!248


Mother shows off her daughter’… underwear?  I’m not sure we want to see that here do we?258

Ahh!  that’s why!265

Yeah you too buddy!  Simon will be joining us as a guest on this year’s FrightFest Podcast coverage on Filmwerk!  So make sure you have subscribed to us on iTunes!
Remember Filmwerk shares its birthday with FrightFest. The festival will be 14 this year. We will be 3!!!266


Finally, they are in the door and ready to get their tickets!230

In they all come!238


We have a couple of winners!  Enjoy the festival guys!


Oganisers again: Ian Rattray and Greg Day converse with Alan Jones. But where is Paul McEvoy?


Greg reminds Alan who’s boss!


Aha!  There’s Paul! Right by the entrance to the FREE movie everyone gets to see after buying their tickets. Yes everyone onsite gets the chance to go and see The Conjuring for free.

260More winners outside!

So there you have it, Filmwerk will be on site to report on the scene with several planned podcasts. We will talk to various staff and hopefully, many of the fans as well this year for some instant updates. But first we will be letting you know what we think of this year’s line up!

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