The Divers - The Way You Are
Single Review

The Divers – The Way You Are

The Divers, formed by London rocker Pete Hickman, release their second single The Way You Are through Laissez Faire Club. Previously known as Pete Hickman and the Diver, the band’s debut single A Little Better was released at the end of 2012 to some good reviews.

The Way You Are is a good three minute indie rock track. Upbeat and with a grungy feel, the solid guitar work and anthemic vocals stand out, and the driving drumbeat that runs right through the song gives it tremendous energy. The chorus is catchy although it does become a little repetitive.

B-side Castle in The Air has a very different sound, a dreamy Americana styled acoustic song that works very well. Hickman’s soulful vocals give the lyrics a languid air and the accompanying guitar work is lovely.

The Divers are making a stir as a hard working and vibrant live band. Seems like they can do it on record too – a band to watch.

Venue: The Way You Are
Support Band: Laissez Faire Club

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