Pacific Rim Soundtrack Review

816xnwIpwZL._SL1500_Ramin Djawadi proves a good choice to deliver the score for this summer’s Pacific Rim. Giant robots (or automaton or whatever you want to call them) vs. giant monsters. You wouldn’t think this would need much in the way of subtlety here, but Djawadi earns his pay and more.


He had previously provided the score for the original Iron Man film back in 2008. The biggest question we raised about that score was why he did not return for the rest of that franchise; as he had drafted some very neat and appropriate tracks for that.


You can, however, see in this score how he may well have built on that score – especially in the energetic Pacific Rim opener. It’s fast, bombastic and gives a great sense of danger and adventure to come.


If you prefer something with a little more pathos then you don’t have too long to wait as Cancelling The Apocalypse is a very graceful cue.


The Shatterdome mixes busy electronic vibe with a tribal choral and beat backing. It such a multicultural tune and helps the listener believe that it literal is Earth vs. something else (Makes a nice change from just America alone saving the world). This vibe continues in the very mysterious Call Me Newt which forefronts Djawadi’s range and puts him on the map as perhaps someone to watch.


There are influences perhaps from the likes of Hans Zimmer in his score. Mako is perhaps a good example of a more soothing Zimmer influence – whilst the more drum-happy cues occasionally infer the German’s more recent work.


But influences and similarities aside Djawadi brings plenty of zest and zip to the guitar in his cues. If you loved the guitar rock angle of the Iron man score then there are plenty call backs to that throughout the 25 tracks listed

4 Stars



Steven Hurst

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