Star Wars: Complete Vehicles Review

swYes it is Christmas time for SW book fans as you can get not just the Blue Prints from Titan, but this cross section guide from DK as well, and DK prove once again that they are always about the fun stuff.

Ever wonder what a cross section of an AT-AT actually looks like? Or how much room there is inside the Millennium Falcon?  Or how complicated the interior of the Sand Crawler is? Or how vast and huge the Rebel transporters or Imperial Cruisers are?  Well now that you’ve seen the outside, here are the insides.

And it isn’t just cross sections you get, you’ll get each broke down with various technical information pertaining to different aspects of the design (power generation, armaments, walkways, storage – anything you can just about think of to make each design logical).

With the larger cruisers you get a better aspect of how space is divided up between living space, working areas and smaller vehicle storage. But with smaller vehicles you get break downs that go right down to the wiring. Great examples being Luke’s Speeder and the X-Wing pulled apart before your very eyes and labelled with detailed information.


The book is split into area by film so you can literally have the film in your mind as you; leaf through these wonderfully details illustrations.

The forward is deliciously enticing as you get a look at a cross-sected Death Star, like someone took a bite out of it like an apple. It gets the point home that this really is one large battle station that is fully armed and geared towards its main event – the giant laser! There is even a comparison to the blue print from Episode 4 so you can see the accuracy.

Getting a sense of how big and small some of this stuff is in the Star Wars is universe key to the book success. A visual delight for fans.

4 Stars



Steven Hurst

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