Star Trek: The Art Of Juan Ortiz


Artist Juan Ortiz has compiled this exciting collection of posters based on the original series of Star Trek. All 80 episodes have been given their own poster design – reflecting the era they were made as well as various poster designs of the times as well.

This book is a joy to leaf through. The front cover should identify quickly with fans of this brand of artistry. The simplistic yet inventive art form is put to good use for each episode. Fans of the episodes themselves will obviously get a stronger feel for the material and perhaps engage with the material on some of the chosen paths for each design. With that thought in mind it really works well as interpretive art and it really leaves you with a thirst for more of Ortiz’ work as well as more of this sort of publication.

Ortiz took the concept of using 60’s style movie posters, advertisements and pulp novel covers as inspiration for the design style of the 80 odd posters. The resulting pages are perfect for coffee table encounters. Hopefully this will be part of a new trend of books that allow artists to deliver concept art and concept books based around some very much loved iconic entertainment of any generation.

5 Stars




Steven Hurst


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