The Banter Thiefs - Classic Grand
Live Review

The Banter Thiefs – Classic Grand, Glasgow

Motherwell’s finest, The Banter Thiefs, came to Glasgow last night and capped a good night with an excellent set of anthemic indie rock music. A big crowd, many of them long time fans of the band, created a lively atmosphere and made this feel like an early Christmas party as they danced and sang along.

First on stage were local indie band The Bangarangs. Their basic two guitar, bass and drums rock sound was powerful, with some tremendous drumming on show. Their lead singer has a strong, deep voice although the lead guitar was a little lost in the mix. Two slower songs provided a welcome change of pace to the predominantly heavy sound.

The second support act Jamie & Shoony quickly brought the atmosphere to boiling point. The Edinburgh trio mix hip hop with acoustic rock to form a high energy sound that is vastly entertaining. The lively lyrics were delivered with humour and energy, backed by acoustic guitar and drums to create a big sound. Hyperactive, charismatic and engaging, they had soon drawn many people to the front of the stage, dancing along and enjoying the party. And when the set was over the crowd clamoured for more, resulting in an extra song being played. How often does a support act get an encore? But these guys fully deserved it. Check them out on YouTube – or catch them live for a truly electric experience.

The Banter Thiefs have been on the go for almost six years now and have developed into a slick live act. Their indie sound is mainly fast and powerful, but they have slower songs too and mix the pace up well. Their set contained old favourites that were very well received as well as several newly written tracks. Indeed one was so new that there was an on stage discussion amongst the band before they could agree on its title.

The settled line up sees the four members of The Banter Thiefs work well together. Lead singer and guitarist Dave Clark has a smooth voice with power too, and is well backed by lead guitarist Keith Condie, Derek Watson on bass and drummer Darren O’Rourke. There is always a real energy to their performances and the momentum built up by the support acts was continued throughout a strong set.

The Banter Thiefs opened at a fast pace with crowd favourite Sly Tinnies and their forthcoming single Pretty Boys, before a new track and the older Civic Centre slowed things down slightly. Rockstars and live favourite Kilroy Silk saw the dancing section at the front expanding as more fans move forward towards the stage. Another new song Always Tomorrow sounded great, a more mellow track that has a massive chorus.

The big ending came with Swings And Roundabouts, many singing along to the lyrics, and excellent past single All Your Life. The drums pounded and the guitars howled one last time as one over enthusiastic fan joined the band on stage before being hauled away by the security staff. Their reaction seemed a little over the top as all he appeared to want to do was dance with the band.

Unfortunately there was no time for an encore and the night was over. The Banter Thiefs had again used their commitment and excellent stage skills to provide a fine performance and a very good set. Their many fans left for home happy after a hugely enjoyable evening of music.

Venue: Classic Grand, Glasgow
Support Band: The Bangarangs, Jamie & Shoony

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