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Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack Review

Composer: Abel Korzeniowski

81Kd2OSVDNL._SL1500_A beautiful soundtrack from award-winning Abel Korzeniowski, this is a thoroughly contemporary classical album. The music is fresh and uplifting, even towards the end where you know things aren’t going to end well for our star crossed lovers. There are some really deft and playful sounds, which shows a real consideration and understanding that this is a young, young couple falling in love for the first time. There are some repeated motifs, but this is an album full of distinct tracks and stands up as an album in its own right. It feels like there is a distinct narrative running throughout the music and has a lovely richness to it. There’s a real instrumental variety with everything from acoustic guitars to orchestral guitars blended into more traditional instruments. Eternal Love, the finale, is the stand out track, with a sole female vocalist filling the space with a haunting melody that lets you know exactly where you in the film.

Korzeniowski also scored A Single Man, which was another wonderfully understated soundtrack. This is a must for fans of the film, fans of film music and fans of Korzeniowski of which I’m sure there’s soon to be many.

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