The Filmwerk Awards 2013

It’s our second Filmwerk Awards!  We had a good giggle among the team putting in submissions for what we though stood out in film last year, so we are at it again this year. Who made the best cameo, who put in a stand-out performance, who really dropped the ball! Read on and find out what really did and did not do it for us this year!


Best Film


Best Director

Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity

Best Performance

Matthew Goode for Stoker

Best Script

Before Midnight

Best On Screen Chemistry

Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy in Before Midnight

Best Marketing Campaign

The Wolverine Posters

Best Music

Steven Price for Gravity

Best Cameo

Chris Evans in Thor: The Dark World

Best End Credits Sting

The Wolverine

Best Moment

Luke Evans “Hiding Place” in No One Lives

Iron Man 3 – Armour Crashing before it reaches Tony Stark.

Nick frost exits pub in The World’s End

Fast & Furious 6 – Tank/Diesel/Rodriguez jump.

Best Hero


Best Villain


Best Surprise

Trevor Slattery in Iron Man 3

Biggest Disappointment

2013 Overall! (Oh Ok, Star Trek Into Darkness)


The Harvey Keitel/Mark Strong/ Bill Nighy Award For Output In A Year:

The Rock

GI Joe 2; Snitch; Pain and Gain; Fast and Furious 6.

Mark Whalberg

Broken City; Pain and Gain; 2 Guns; Lone Survivor

Bill Nighy and Mark Strong also both made multiple appearances.

Keira Knightley Award For Most Unbelievable Action Star

Katie Sackoff for Riddick

The Welcome Back Award

James Hong for R.I.P.D

The Filmwerk Gold Star Award

Big Trouble in Little China

Superman: The movie


The Filmwerk Zero Star Award


Batman And Robin


The What Else Is New Award

Hans Zimmer for his Man of Steel and Rush soundtrack work.


We now come to the honorary section where we salute talent for their contribution to cinema:

CULT Star Award


Michael Ironside

When did you first see Michael Ironside? Was it on the V miniseries? Or blowing someone’s head up in David Cronnenberg’s Scanners? or was it in that atrocious Highlander II? Maybe in Walter Hill’s Extreme Prejudice, or getting the better of people in training combat in Top Gun as “Jester”. Perhaps he is more beloved as henchman Richter in Paul Verhoven’s Total Recall.

Nowadays he tends to pop up reliably as “grumpy general” in the likes of Terminator Salvation and X-Men: First Class. Ironside it has to be noted put in some sterling groundwork for inscreen villains and anti-heroes to follow, and in many cases he has yet to be bettered.

If we had a budget we’d throw the man a drinks reception in his honour. If only so that we could call him up and say “See you at the party Richter!”


Living Legend Award


John Milius

Writer and director John Milius was a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. A true masculine hero to men around him, his written work built upon the stuff of legends, and viscerally delivering very apt commentary on the world around.


“The Man” Icon Award


Bruce Lee

2013 marks the 40 year anniversary of the passing of Martial Art expert and cinema icon Bruce Lee. With just barely 5 screen credits to his name, Lee was still a climbing star, yet a fully accomplished artist at the age of 32. We pay our respects to his memory here, and mark it as one that will live on strongly in the hearts of fans around the world.


Inspiration Award


Christopher Reeve



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