Sponsored Video : Royal Navy – Live A Life Without Limits


The Royal Navy are recruiting and they are very specific about what they expect candidates to do. Only joking, they aint’, they are offering you unlimited opportunities if you join up. So, are you too unlimited? If you are then,

“Reach for the sky, no valley too deep, no mountain too high.”

And join The Royal Navy, who will take you and mould you and pause you and grow you and learn you and push you and think you and fly you and chase you – essentially there is no limit to what they can do to and for you.

The Royal Navy will enhance your qualities and give you limitless opportunities, much like Eddie Morra in the film ‘Limitless’, giving you immense powers of memory, energy and attraction to members of the opposite sex, or something like that anyway.

I should think that all the unlimited-ness is limited to water based activities though. Like if you got to a water park you wouldn’t expect to have Go-Karts available. But there again, navies do have aeroplanes, well most do, The Royal Navy are still building theirs, but definitely do not expect tanks. There will be no tanks.

Anyway, watch the video – it explains more about the process than I could ever put into words, even with an unlimited word count.

Sponsored by Royal Navy

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