John Butler Trio - Flesh And Blood
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John Butler Trio – Flesh And Blood

Flesh And Blood is the sixth studio album from Australia’s John Butler Trio, and the first in four years – although they have been busy with incessant touring that has led to two live albums since. This album sees the addition of new drummer, percussionist and backing vocalist Grant Gerath to the fold, joining long time bassist Byron Luiters and Butler himself on what is a varied collection of eleven tracks.

Butler’s ability to play pretty much any instrument with strings is the basis of his music, from the lovely acoustic Spring To Come with its fingerpicking and folky feel through to the more rock sounding Cold Wind which features some fine lead guitar work. There is perhaps a mellower and more personal feel to much of the songwriting on this album, resulting in a more controlled sound.

Devil Woman and Living In The City are perhaps the tracks that will feel most like typical Butler music: bluesy and full of lovely guitar licks. But there is a lot more here too. Blame It On Me has a slow blues vibe, a great bass line anchoring the track. The stand out Bullet Girl starts slowly before building into an intense tale of a relationship that burns brightly before falling apart and leaving only regret. And the album’s first single Only One is also very good, a bright love song featuring some intricate drum work.

John Butler’s music is very well known in Australia where he is rightly hailed as a huge star. European audiences are perhaps not as familiar with his work yet – and hopefully this album will serve as an introduction to many new fans. Flesh And Blood is an album well worth discovering.

Venue: Flesh And Blood
Support Band: BECAUSE

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