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August: Osage County Soundtrack Review

81MrQiZbpkL._SL1500_Traci Lett’s play has hit the big screen and the soundtrack hits shelves featuring a mix of songs selected and score composed materials.

There are plenty of “country” leanings in this compilation that will appeal to tastes depending on whether you like you country electronic, rock or acoustic. Bon Iver, Kings of Leon, Billy Squier, Eric Clapton? Take your pick.

There are however several score inclusions on the disc as well. Adam Taylor provides some of the discs quietest, yet moody pieces of score for the film for the film – while composer Gustavo Santaolalla provides the rest.

The surprise element here is the inclusion of the track by cast member Benedict Cumberbatch. Aned whilst it’s a wistful little tune, you can’t help but think the words “JULIETTE LEWIS.” No Cumberbatch does not sound anything like Lewis, but she does appear in the film and is herself a very successful recording artist and has married both film and music together in the past (See Strange Days). You’d think a genius working on the music side of things might have thought getting her in to record a tune here might have been a good idea.

This release is probably only going to hit the hardcore fans of the film that come away with praised for the film and the score.

3 Stars




Steven Hurst

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