Rizzle Kicks - Hammersmith Apollo
Live Review

Rizzle Kicks – Hammersmith Apollo, London

Let me throw it out there, right at the beginning so you know which way this review is going to go, Rizzle Kicks don’t half know how to put on a show. I’d have been shattered just by watching them but their enthusiasm is infectious and you can’t help but bounce along with them. Not just me either but the whole crowd was totally enthralled. From the typical demographic you’d expect at this show on the floor giving it their all dancing right through to the younger kids and even their chaperoning parents. No one was left out and everyone definitely felt it when the boys announced that it had been the best show of the tour so far.

The boys were introduced by the MGM lion and once they hit the stage belting out That’s Classic, Jordan was off. He’s like the Energiser bunny. I don’t think there was a point during the show where he wasn’t throwing himself around the stage. Don’t think Harvey wasn’t just as energetic, just his dancing is a bit more understated and he manages to constantly look effortlessly cool. Speaking of effortless cool, their band were awesome and the brass section were pulling some shapes that totally proved it wasn’t just Rizzle Kicks having the time of their lives up on that stage.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a Rizzle Kicks fan, you will definitely recognise their songs. Especially, clear fan favourites When I Was A Youngster, Mama Do The Hump and the big finale, Down With The Trumpets. They’re just so bloody catchy and even if you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years and haven’t caught a single note of what this dynamic duo have been up to you’ll still dance. There’s no way you can’t.

I may not have been a Rizzle Kicks “fan” per se when I walked into the Apollo but I definitely was when I left.

Venue: Hammersmith Apollo, London
Support Band: Guests

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