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The Lego Movie Soundtrack Review

legoMark Mothersbaugh has been scoring films since the early 90’s as well as various TV and video games (Crash Bandicoot series). He also penned the score for the Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (which was also directed by Phil lord and Chris Miller) so he’s an ideal candidate to continue the good work here.

What we get is a wild ride of pop tunes, laugh out loud character studies (Wait until you get to the Batman solo!) and a score that dances on the highs of adventure, and gently pours character emotion in all of the right spots. The LEGO Movie has scored big with critics, and the score is definitely a strong component of what works.

There is though one particular spot we want to pick on though however. Depending on how you look at it – the song “Everything Is Awesome” is one of the most loathsome tunes created in a long time. Fast beat electronics, Auto-tune vocals, lazy lyrics, cheesy upbeat message… It’s all in there. But to be fair the song is there for the specific purpose of its artifice. And naturally being a part of the film it has to be included on the soundtrack. What is worrying though is that there are several versions of it on the soundtrack! So a word of warning to any adults purchasing this for the kids as you may end up as a sufferer of replay-itis!

Thankfully the majority of the space on the disc is taken up by the fantastic score so the purchase value is still high.

4 Stars




Steven Hurst

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