Brand New - The Troxy
Live Review

Brand New – The Troxy, London

The Troxy’s mix of intimacy and awe is the perfect setting for a show. And the perfect setting for Brand New’s return to London. But before the much loved emo stars could take to the stage, The Front Bottoms and Saves The Day provided support.

The Front Bottoms brought their brand of home-grown punk, eschewed with relatable lyrics to the crowd, with the fun they’re known for. Tracks from both of their major releases dazzled, in particular from new record talon Of The Hawk.

Saves The Day have been playing music for longer than Brand New. Their records have inspired many bands, some of which now regard Saves The Day as peers. Their back catalogue includes seminal records, with Through Being Cool being a major influence throughout the genre. While their set was filled with tracks from their latest, self-titled offering, there was still room for songs such as ‘At Your Funeral’ and ‘Undress Me’. Chris Conley and co. left to perform a second London show that same night, showing their love for what they do and for their adoring fans who may have missed out on tickets to this sold out show.

Then, after what seemed like an eternity, Brand New made their way on stage. No theatrics, no pyrotechnics, no intro music. Just four friends who want to play music. As the first chords of ‘The Shower Scene’ rang throughout the Troxy, the place erupted and nothing else mattered.

Brand New weren’t reinventing the wheel tonight, just performing a visceral and enthralling show that they’re known for. Going through each of their records, each song brought different memories for everyone listening. Jesse Lacey, the reluctant rockstar, took only two instances to address the room. Other than that, he and his band mates were simply playing songs.

Songs such as ‘Sink’ and ‘Mix Tape’ were highlights in a setlist dominated by the albums Deja Entendu and The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me. ‘Ok I Believe You But My Tommy Gun Don’t’ and ‘Millstone’ provided the band with some of the best crowd performances you’re likely to see, while ‘Jesus’ had everyone up in arms.

The band opted to keep playing, rather than head off stage for a moment before an inevitable encore. These final two songs were ‘Degausser’, which exploded in it’s final act, and ‘You Won’t Know’, the latter being initially performed while Lacey was seated on the ground, tuning his guitar, before he started roaring the lyrics at the microphone some 10 feet away.

The one cruel shame of the show is that we truly have no idea when Brand New will be back. Having cancelled last years UK tour near the last minute, and with little talk of a new record (despite the rumours), we may not see the Long Islanders hit our shores for some time. Until then, we have one of the greatest back catalogue of records to enjoy, and now each has a new memory to add to it.

Venue: The Troxy, London
Support Band: Saves The Day, The Front Bottoms

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