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Game Of Thrones Season 4 Soundtrack Review

got4Ramin Djawadi is still delivering commanding work for this very hot show at the moment. Developing his work in all directions he understands how to deliver the action and drama. The music really supports the shows mystery.

The first problem thought is encountered in the scores magnificent and very memorable opening theme. It’s hard to get past it without hitting BACK on your player. It may be short at only 1 minute 43 seconds (which really is actually quite long for a Television opening theme) – but it is so majestic and epic in all its proportions that it almost demands a revisit and updating each season. In fact it is surprising that it isn’t used throughout the score in the actual show itself as one of the main themes. But then it would be a case of who do they attribute it to with the shows cast or, er, dozens!

And season 4 was all about giving focus to the many different characters as it played – so it only makes sense that the tone and content of this soundtrack for Season 4 is varied.

Sigur Ros provide “The Rains of Castamere” immediately after which really adds a sombre tone to proceedings. The Sombre continues with Djawadi’s score in “Breaker of Chains” but it also introduces a strong element of mystery. That Mystery is continued then with “Watchers on the Wall” (a stronger element for a change in the actual show). This track also gets the adventure and action stakes building as well. It’s almost like each track continues a previous theme whilst introducing the next and new element on the way.

Game of Thrones is such a rich ground for harvest with its many characters, lands, interactions, plots, character arcs and moods for any composer to make commentary on – it’s easy to see why Djawadi has stuck with the series and is producing such rich work to accompany it. It’s likely to be work that he will long be remembered for, but also we dare say link him with work he will go onto produce in the future. And if that work is anything like this then it’s likely to be worth looking forward to, and likely to be real contender material.

4 Stars



Steven Hurst



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