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If you drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky you can win this luxurious antique Italian boat.

Only joking, you can drink the whisky but you may have to do a bit more to earn the boat. Have a wager with an older gentleman perhaps? That how Jude Law won this one, and that happens in real life right?

A beautiful sunny day, lounging on the calm blue sea, probably the Mediterranean shall we say. You are having a chat about how handsome and rich you are, but there is one thing missing in your life: this boat.

Of course it is not for sale, not for any price. It is indeed priceless – this goes without saying. But, the older gentleman is prepared to let it go if Jude will have a dance for him. Jude thinks this is a bit weird but really wants the boat, so starts gyrating and swaying to soft jazz notes. This clearly excites the older man, which is a little uncomfortable for Jude, so he skips off to play the piano in a bar instead.

The gentleman is a little annoyed that his dance is cut short, but is amazed at Jude’s ability to jump through time and space and so gives the boat to him anyway.

The moral of the story is always do what an older man says, as your wildest dreams will come true… or it might be to push yourself to learn and try new things and Johnnie Blue Label helps you achieve this, one or the other. Either way if it gets you that boat then it’s worth it?

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