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The fans just won’t go away with this one. Yes today is the DAY OF DREDD – today is the day to get talking about the potential of a Dredd sequel whether it is messaging on forums, posting on your facebook – Don’t forget to stop by the official facebook page for the campaign and show your support.

But what better way than to get on Amazon a buy a copy of the film!  If you already own it – then buy one for a friend! (It’s currently going for £6 for the Blu-ray in the UK so that will hardly break anyone’s bank).

Before anyone points at the above paragraph and screams PROMOTION! Or ADVERTISMENT!  We whole heartedly put our hands up and say we have been and always shall be supporters of the MAKE A DREDD SEQUEL campaign and buying the product is a good way to get investors notice. If the sales of the disc climb the Amazon chart today then it will get noticed. And quite frankly – considering how a film Dredd is (we gave it the GOLD STAR award) – we’d like to see the second film come to fruition.

So those in support please get chatting and spending if you can!

If you missed DAY OF DREDD and are seeing this late. Well at least head over to the facebook page and show your support. This campaign isn’t going away any time soon.

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