Holly Drummond - Diving In EP
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Holly Drummond – Diving In EP

Young Scottish singer songwriter Holly Drummond already has several EPs to her name. And her latest collection of five new tracks is well worth a listen. With a gentle indie-pop approach and a smooth, melodic voice, Drummond does full justice to her passionate and well constructed songs.

Title track Diving In opens the EP with a question: “what if we’d waited instead of diving in?” Regret and hurt are clear but there is also a deep strength to the lyrics. The track is rather understated; it threatens to break out but never quite does. The instrumental section is nicely done though, with snippits of the lyrics almost floating over the music, creating a dreamlike effect. Overall, Diving In is a soulful pop song with real depth.

The love song Fade has a lovely honesty, a clear expression of emotions that is haunting and beguiling. Drummond’s vocals are clear and at times ethereal, the higher notes reached with ease. Empty is also slow and atmospheric, a gentle acoustic guitar and a deep cello backing slow and even vocals. Somehow the lovesick lyrics give weight to the song, the feeling of loss made very clear.

Let You Go takes a slightly different slant on romance, with a haunting indecision at its heart. The relationship clearly isn’t working yet what to do? Again the emotions come through so well and when Dummond’s voice soars the answer to the dilemma is apparent. The slow Save You takes things to a slightly downbeat place. It’s an odd song, the vocals slow and steady, with what sounds like a xylophone adding an unusual tone. Not my favourite perhaps, but intriguing nevertheless.

Holly Drummond has a beautifully simple musical approach. The production is straightforward without too many tricks, and that lets her deeply emotional lyrics and clear, soulful vocals really stand out. It works well and this EP is a sensitive and entertaining collection of very nice songs.

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