Findlay Announces North & South Christmas Shows

Findlay Announces North & South Christmas Shows

‘Greasy Love’ eh. The sort of love you might receive from Piers Morgan, Dapper Laughs, a salivating mechanic in Stockton-on-Tees…the list is endless.

It’s also a 2013 EP from Manchester based songwriter Natalie Findlay, who was one of our favourite underground newcomers from the festival circuit.

Following an absence to work on some new tunes and presumably having loads of baths in Swarfega to get over her slippery affliction, Findlay has announced she’ll be back with her band for a show at Old Blue Last on December 18th followed by a homecoming show at Manchester’s Kraak on December 20th.

We’re expecting a big 2015 for this lady, so eyes peeled!

Watch the video for ‘Greasy Love’ here:

Re-acquaint yourself here: and HERE

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